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Good sportmanship

Scientific Method

Today I did my scientific method and what I had to do is write some steps. Here are some steps about scientific methods.

  • Make an observation or ask a question.
  • Gather background information.
  • Create a hypothesis.
  • Create a prediction and perform a test.
  • Analyze the results and draw a conclusion.
  • Share the conclusion or decide what question to ask next: Document the results of your experiment.

Here is my work

Scientist Infographic

Today our class had to pick scientist and write about them. A scientist is a person who researches to advance knowledge in an area of the natural sciences. Scientist. Pierre Curie and Marie Curie demonstrating an apparatus that detects radioactivity. I Chose Albert Einstein because he’s one of the best scientist to ever live. Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist, widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest and most influential physicists of all time. He was born in the 14th of March 1879 and died on the 18th of April 1955. Here is my work


Today we were learning about Matariki here are some facts about matariki

  • Matariki is a star cluster, not a constellation. …
  • The heliacal rise of Matariki. …
  • You can see Matariki for yourself. …
  • Matariki is one of the closest star clusters to Earth. …
  • Matariki has many different names around the world. …
  • Matariki is an official public holiday in Aotearoa New Zealand. The names of the stars are Pōhutukawa, Waitī, Waitā, Waipuna-ā-rangi, Tupuānuku, Tupuārangi, Ururangi, and Hiwa-i-te-rangi.

Fern’s and James bonds Detective Notebook

  1. Today Miss Tele’a side we did a dectective note book  and when we were done we could share our presentaion.
  2. Second the Suspects were Ariana Kowhai, Tama Tuhi, Rangi Parata and Hana reweri.
  3. Lastly the Person who I chose was Ariana kowhai because (She could’ve pick locked the door to get the treasure) Here is my work.

Food labels

Today we learned about Food labels

First Miss Tele’a and Miss White splited us up into Maths groups

Next we started to work on our slide

Third I finished it and put it on blog like i did now

Lastly it was hard. Here is my work

Food saftey

Food saftey is displine an estimated 600 million – almost 1 in 10 people in the world – fall ill after eating contaminated food and 420 000 die every year, resulting in the loss of 33 million healthy life years (DALYs).

Food Graphs

In Inquiry, we learnt about the 5 food groups which are vegetable, fruit, grains, protein and dairy. Me and Lila did a DLO to show what we learnt about it. Something I found interesting was broccoli has more vitamins than meat.