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Smart surfing

Today on Cybersmart we were doing smart surfing lets you and your family work and play on the web without worrying about viruses, spyware, identity theft, or your children’s safety. Total Online Protection for Your Personal Data. Here is my work

Think smart

Today we were talking about Thinking SMART on the internet. Thinking smart is the ability to define and solve problems by finding and applying relevant knowledge. Ways to present and process information effectively. Here is my document and my slides to show you how to think smart on the internet. Here is my work

My speech

On Wenesday our class was doing there speeches and the teachers were judging our speeches to see who goes to the finals and when I did my speech I was trying to make the class laugh and I made the class laugh when I tryed to be funny but the person got chose was marcel hes Y5 and the 2 people the Y4 and Y6 was micaela and the Y6 was hasna they did there best to try and get to the compettion. Here was my speech I did to my class  Speech


Today I was doing pencil code, Pencil Code is an educational programming language and website. It allows programming using either Scratch-style block coding, or CoffeeScript. Code runs directly in the web browser and can be shared with others. Pencil Code does a collaborative programming website designed to help teach coders how to work with real code to create drawings, music, and games. Since Pencil Code uses Coffeescript it is relatively easy to get started. Here is the link to my coding i did here.→_→Coding

Good sportmanship

Personal Space

Today I’m talking about Personal space, personal space is the physical space immediately surrounding someone, into which encroachment can feel threatening or uncomfortable. Personal space is really important because it helps people feel safe and comfortable. If someone invades your personal space, it can feel quite uncomfortable and unwanted. Some children don’t understand what personal space is, so they may need gentle reminders. Here is my work