My Aspiration

Today Our class were talking about what we want to be when we are older and Why? The word for this explanation is called an aspiration. My Aspiration is being a Youtuber because it’s so I can have fun making videos online and get money for my family. What we had to do was draw ourselves and write about what we want to be. Here is my work.

My 3 worksheets

Recipe Chocolate Chip Cookies                                                                                                         Game Rules Monopoly

Today Our Teacher had us to fill in the questions if we read the text in the doc.

There were 3 docs and the 3 docs were Chocolate chip recipe, Monopoly game rules and How to brush your teeth. We had to choose 2 and I chose Chocolate chip recipe and Monopoly game rules. When we finished them we had to look at a step on one the docs you filled in and make the step on a slide show and my step was crack a egg and mix it. Here is my work

Using your webcam.

Today this cybersmart task is Using your webcam what I mean about using your webcam is you go on to your camera and there are these lines called 3×3 and people use them in photos. You when you see a fantasy photo you would usually see the objects on sides or up and down. There is a photo in the slides. (Challenge) Me and my friend are on one of the sides on my slide close your eyes and try and guess what side I am on.

Here is my work



Today’s Cybersmart Challenge is all about features inside of Google Docs. You do not need to use any other tools. This task can be completed within this Doc. 

Here is my doc.

Google Docs 101 Cybersmart Challenge 


  • Change these bullet points to a checklist so you can tick off the tasks as you complete them.

  • Add the date that you are completing this task to the title. You can use a smart chip by typing the @ key and then the word today without any spaces. @Wed27March

  • Change the font of the heading on this document

  • Use the Dictionary tool to find the definition of the word challenge.
    Add three synonyms here

    •  dare
    •  Provocations 
    •  summons

  • In the space below, write out the maths problem: three divided by three with the answer using only numbers and maths symbols. If you can’t find the symbols you need, try inserting a special character. + 
  • Insert a header onto this doc with your first name
  • Insert an image of your favourite animal here. Before you insert the 
  • image, click on the magnifying glass to preview your image and click on the name of the file of the image. Then copy the URL for where the image is from. Paste this below your image. 
    • If you need help with this task –Photo

  • Why do you like this animal? Use the voice typing tool to record your answer below. 
  • I like this animal because it’s got a rich Colour like  coffee because I drink coffee everyday.

  • Use the word count tool to find out how many words this document uses. Type your answer here:  295

Meeting a Tiger

This is my recount and here is my story about meeting a tiger and becoming my friend.

On July the 13 , 2019 I was on the plane with my family. My 4 brothers, 1 sister, my mum and my dad were on the plane and suddenly the plane crashed and I was only by myself where all the mountains and where the trees were. The reason why the plane crashed was because one of the wings on the plane was not built properly so all it would do would just fall to its death. This happened all because the person who invented this didn’t build this wing properly. 

First, I started off with my journey trying to get all the food I could get to survive but then this rustling was in a bush and I got closer and it was a baby tiger. But it was hurt and it was hungry as well. I didn’t want to leave this cute little baby tiger out in a dense forest so I took the tiger and fed it food. Soon a couple months later he grew and I was thinking about my family and hoping they were okay and I would see them again one day. I would cry if I saw them.
Next, as time passed seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours, hours turned into days, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into years until I woke up and it was all a dream and my best tiger buddy grew overnight. Turns out it’s my 3 years staying in this big forest where all these beautiful mountains are. But it was time I was going to leave my home and hop on my tiger buddy and try to find my family after the past three years.  
Then, I went through the rivers and I said bye to my home and set on my new journey with my tiger, after days had passed I reached a town which I really didn’t unexpect this to happen then I passed by and I saw one of the people in there house and It looked like one of my brothers and I knocked on his door and said are you my brother and he said fern and I said where is mum and dad and the others and he said they got there own houses in the town. So I panicked and rushed to knock on everybody’s door until I readed a beautiful white house with a black roof and I knocked and it was my family and they said fern and I said mum, dad, brothers and I hugged them and they said haven’t seen you for the past 3 years where were you and I said can I come inside and the yes but they said wait a minute what’s that tiger with you and I said oh when the plane crashed he was only small when I met him, and I said can he be part of the family please please pleassssse. Okay mum said YAAAAAAYAYAYAYYYYAYAYYAYAYYAYAY!