Traveling to dangerous space.

This is my story and my cover the favourite thing I loved doing was the cover because I had so  much ideas. Here is my story and my cover.


Traveling to dangerous space.

My dad and my older brother came and I waited while I was playing games. The day it happened was the 21st of April. It happened at the station where rockets get blasted up into the sky. 

Then somebody quickly stole me and put me into the rocket. The rocket went so fast I almost died but then I pressed the stop button and it stopped and floated in space. I wanted to go to space and I could because I saw an astronaut suit so I went to space. 

While I was outside in space I saw the  Milky Way. I suddenly  went  close to the Milky Way and asteroids came down and suddenly destroyed the rocket ship. I was heartbroken but then my helmet fell off but at the right time my dad jumped out of another rocket ship and saved me.

Luckily when me and my dad came back from space the cops were all there and arrested the bad guy and me and my older brother and my dad, we went to go eat ice cream in the end.


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