Ferns pokemon drawing.

Today i drew some pokemons and the three i drew was pikachu bulbasour and squirtle.hereis my drawing.

4 thoughts on “Ferns pokemon drawing.

  1. Hi Fern. I like how you choose pikachu, bolbuzor and sqertal as the pokemon. Also these pokemon look amazing I love the shape of the grass and the pokemon. Have you seen pokemon cards, you could use thoughs for some inspartion.

  2. Kia ora fern,I like this drawing of what you made they almost look real.This takes me back when me and my sisters had a drawing compaten .Why did you want to make this?

  3. Hey bestie I like it Because They are so cute And did yo know that i Use to wath pokemon I use to play them with my Friends But i dont play it anymore

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